What to Know About GSA Advantage? Learn the Basics

What to Know About GSA Advantage? Learn the Basics

  • Apr 08, 2022

GSA Advantage! The GSA online catalog allows federal buyers to purchase products uploaded by GSA-certified companies. Such an online catalog is similar to a giant e-commerce site that can only be accessed by people with GSA schedules.

Here's a brief overview of what GSA Advantage is all about:

  • Government Business Advantage offers a comprehensive online shopping experience for government employees.
  • Government customers can obtain products and services at a time-efficient rate through GSA's ordering system by searching, comparing, and ordering from government vendors
  • Thousands of products are listed along with their specifications and pricing *.

GSA Advantage provides thousands of contractors with access to millions of products.

The buying process of the GSA Advantage

GSA-approved products and services are available to which government agencies? Do they have to offer them?

State and federal governments have other options besides GSA Advantage. As an alternative, they can buy goods through Amazon Business or other government-approved platforms. Contracts above the micro-transaction threshold will be covered by the GSA Schedule and GSA Advantage. The GSA Schedule and GSA Advantage are the government's primary purchasing methods for items.

According to GSA's government buyer guide, the following agencies can use GSA's sources of supplies:

  • Several federal agencies. Whether it belongs to the judicial or legislative branch, this definition applies to all executive agencies and establishments.
  • Executive departments. Government departments, including the Defense Department, Commerce Department, CIA, and U.S. Forest Service.
  • The government owns 100% of corporations. Commodity Credit Corporation, Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR), Federal Financing Bank.
  • The executive branch of government is not responsible for organizations. A couple of examples include the Smithsonian Institute and the US Postal Service.
  • Listed above are some federal agencies, but there are many more. Other suppliers may be able to obtain supplies from the GSA, but their access is restricted.
  • In addition to the executive branch of government, other federal agencies also exist. A few examples are the American Red Cross, Civil Air Patrol, and Library of Congress.
  • Corporations owned by both public and private investors. There are several examples of these, including NRPC (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) and PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation).
  • District of Columbia.
  • The Senate
  • The House of Representatives
  • Architect of the Capitol
  • Utilizes contractors who are reimbursed for their service. GSA is accustomed to seeking ways to optimize its spending, so some contractors who work under cost-reimbursement contracts may be authorized to request GSA supplies. This kind of authorization must be in writing and cannot be transferred.
  • The Department of Agriculture cooperates with non-federal firefighter associations.
  • Organizations dedicated to tribes and tribal members.
  • Other statutes. Government agencies can be authorized to use GSA Advantage! to purchase goods and services.
  • The National Institute for the Deaf, Howard University, Gallaudet University, and the American Printing House for the Blind, among others
  • In particular, the Government of Guam and the Virgin Islands Administration.
  • Entities authorized by the FAA. GSA supplies may be made available to foreign and international organizations pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.
  • Purchasing for military purposes is prohibited. World Health Organization, NATO, and International Atomic Energy Agency are examples of such organizations.
  • Activities that do not come from appropriations.

Aside from GSA Advantage, GSA contracts are offered under the following programs:

  • Cooperatives for purchasing
  • Purchased through the disaster purchasing program
  • 1122 Program
  • In case of an emergency related to public health

What's Different in GSA Advantage?

GSA Advantage! The website receives more than 30,000 orders per month during that time frame. A lot of customers visit this online marketplace every week--more than one million people do. The site provides a wide range of commercial products and services that can be searched by department, supplier, or description.

The Schedule allows you to get GSA Advantage if you are a contractor! Using this resource will help you understand how the government purchases goods and services. Government contractors are encouraged to check out GSA Advantage.

Their website offers information on selling to the government. Furthermore, if you want to determine whether you would be able to compete in your field, you should check the prices of your competitors. The following topics should be considered:

  • Building and Industrial 
  • Electronics & Technology
  • Supplies & Services
  • Furnishings & Furniture
  • Sanitation Supplies FSSI (BIC) & Janitorial
  • Law enforcement, security industries, and fire.
  • Repair, Maintenance, and Operation FSSI (BIC)
  • Equipment needed for offices
  • Office Supplies
  • Equipment FSSI (BIC) & Office Supplies
  • Products
  • Scientific & Medical
  • Services
  • Recreational, Tools & Paint
  • Vehicles & Equipment

Do You Need A GSA Advantage - How to Get It?

GSA Advantage is the place to list your products! First, you have to register with GSA in order to list your products. Depending on how long the process takes, you could wait as long as 16 months. Step-by-step instructions on how to obtain GSA certification are provided below:

  • Make sure your business is registered with SAM and you have the correct DUNS and NAICS code.
  • Please choose the appropriate SINs for your business.
  • You must complete the training required by GSA.
  • Make sure you have the documentation you need to submit to the GSA ready.
  • Registration for the eOffer and submission of the required documents.
  • After that wait for the approval.

Once you have won a GSA schedule, you can publish your product catalog with GSA Advantage.

Benefits of GSA Advantage

Contractors can provide products and services to government buyers through the GSA Advantage Catalog.

Agency buyers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can search using numerous different methods, including keywords, part numbers, national stock numbers, manufacturers, and contractors.
  • Through the website, you can place direct orders.
  • It is also possible to review delivery methods.
  • There are a variety of convenient and accessible payment methods available.
  • It is possible to browse products based on their type.
  • You can easily compare shipping and payment details.
  • Moreover, you can view product configurations and add accessories.
  • Various options are available to track order status, view past orders, and cancel orders.

GSA Advantage! Thousands of contractors and millions of products and services are available through the online shopping and ordering system. Check out GSA Advantage! to compare the services and goods available.

Purchases can be made by federal employees using GSA Advantage! using:

  • The GSA SmartPay® card for government commercial purchases.
  • You can use GSA Activity Address Codes (AACs) instead.
  • For items purchased under the GSA Global Supply Program, please include an address code for Department of Defense activities.

GSA Advantage is also available to state and local governments! Purchasing products and services are possible through the Cooperative Purchasing Program and the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program.

Contractor Benefits of GSA Advantage

For Contractors, GSA Advantage! Offers federal purchasers an online storefront for purchasing products and services. GSA Advantage! provides contractors with the following benefits:

  • The GSA Advantage catalogue offers a way for your products (and services) to reach agency buyers.
  • You will be able to connect with buyers who are actively seeking products.
  • With the description of your product, you should also include a picture, a description, and the terms of sale (shipping, delivery times, etc.).
  • The catalogue can be uploaded to GSA Advantage so long as your existing GSA contract has approved products. Using SIP is no longer necessary as you won't need to deal with time-consuming input programs.

Vendors can take advantage of GSA Advantage in two main ways:

  • GSA Advantage sales are generally faster because of direct sales, which are placed before any other orders appear.
  • Over 400,000 government users visit GSA Advantage daily to search for goods and services, as well as to run the procurement process for GSA.


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