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A Small Business GSA Schedule Submittal is not as complex as a large firms. Many small firms pay consulting firms large business prices, often $17,000 or more for their GSA Schedule. Additionally small firms buy annual contracts paying $5,000 for 5-10 hours worth of work. Calll us and obtain the service that matches your firms needs.

What value can a GSA Schedule bring to your small business?

Download our GSA Schedule Guide which will help show you your potential.

GSA Schedule Guide

Our Services

GSA Schedule Acquisition


Ezgsaschedule has completed thousands of GSA Schedule representing clients in all sizes and industries, which makes us uniquely qualified to assist your organization in acquiring its own GSA Schedule.

GSA Maintenance &Compliance


Ezgsaschedule offers a broad range of GSA Schedule maintenance and compliance services that enable our clients to recognize and quickly adapt to changes in regulations and avoid unwanted scrutiny, fines, penalties and negative press.

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