About Us

Our firm was founded in 2004 in order to help small businesses obtain Federal Schedules as well as Modifications for those Schedules.

Our firm process approximately 200-300 GSA (MAS) Schedules per year, 50 other GWAC Contracting Vehicles, as well as completes hundreds of GSA modifications for clients.

Our focus is on small business therefore we have two main focuses in mind.
1. We must do as much of the work as possible for our clients in order to obtain their GSA Schedule contract in as short amount of time as possible.
2. Maintain a pricing structure that keeps small businesses budgets in mind.

For this reason we have fixed pricing for our GSA Schedule Application Process. Therefore our clients know what they paying upfront. And for modification services we perform these services on an ala cart basis as we have found annual maintenance contracts are generally high cost relative to the number of hours needed to maintain the GSA Schedule. What small businesses need is our focus!

Our clients have benefited greatly from our services and have been awarded billions of dollars in federal contracts.


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